The Top 5 Drones To Buy Today

Looking for the best Drone to buy? These 5 offer quality, value and amazing features

The title of this article was going to be the top 10 drones to buy today, but I really
needed to make it the top 5 drones to buy today.

Let me explain the amount of drone options have exploded in recent years but quality and quantity are not the same thing. In this article we will name some of the best drones you can buy which are also sold here on

Back in 2013 when Drones first started to rise in popularity  it was difficult to  find quality because  competition was scarce that is longer a problem  today.  In the  second half of this article  we will provide our top Drone recommendations.

5. GPS Drone KAI-ONE PRO RC Drones 8K HD Camera

A solid drone with a 25 min flight and quick charging time of only 2 hours.

4.. GPS Professional Camera drone WiFi Quadcopter 4K HD Camera

Takes about 1 and a half hours to charge and has a solid 20 min flight time.


3. KY905 Mini Drone 4K Profesional HD Camera 

One of the most affordable starter drones at only 60 dollars it features a 10 min flight time and charges in a hour.

2.  Mini Drone 4k Professional HD, RC Dron Quadcopter UFO

Only 50 dollars with a 15 min flight time. This drone is a tremendous starter drone value.

1. Motorcycle RC Folding Drone

For only 60 dollars this drone is a an affordable two in one option only takes about an hour to charge and gives a 10 min flight time. Can be used as a drone or remote controlled motorcycle.