Why you should shop at Wibbets

 You have to give up your information to buy from Amazon.

We don't like that you have to give up your information to buy on Amazon, but we love the products they sell. What is even scarier is Amazon has 1000s of employees  and paper thin margins with many of there products  selling at a loss.

At Wibbets we worry this is  a way to get more customer  information  to rent or sell. This can  open their customers up to spam, scams and  even identity theft.

Wibbets is a tech shopping site where we only list our favorite brands and products, so you won't have to worry about giving up your personal information or having ads follow you around the internet.

We also pledge never sell any of your data with third parties for advertising purposes like some other tech sites do (hello Facebook).


We are obsessed with  your  privacy,  personal security and  the protection your data. Our CEO a US Navy veteran vows to guard it with his  life.