About Us

Wibbets is founded by a disabled Iraq war veteran.  We were disturbed by the lack of prices  protection and secure encryption as a online  shopping alternative. So we started Wibbets. On top of our privacy protection guarantee while you shop online.  A portion of all proceeds will go to the American Cancer society. Where can you buy everything  your looking for what can you buy? Where can you buy face masks? A variety of tech and clothing  items, personal care shopping and more all with our privacy  protection  guarantee. 


Privacy is a right not a privilege.

 They sell your data to third parties and use it for targeted ads. Companies  like Facebook  and  Amazon.

 Wibbets does not store personal information or share it with anyone else, ever! We have no interest in tracking you or selling your data. All our customers' information stays private and secure on their devices only. In addition, we do not track user activity of any kind, nor do we employ cookies in order to collect browsing history from users. Our online shopping website uses Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with the site so that we can improve its performance over time (Google’s privacy policy). That's all - nothing more! You are safe with us!


Finally you'll ask what is a Wibbet? A wibbet or Wibbit is mashup of two tech short meanings. Wib which is used for broadband internet and ETS a training shorthand in the tech and medical industries.  You could also view the spelling as wibbit which is meant to sound like widget. In the end when you think about it it just sounds like something tech related. Another alternative spelling is Wibbitz, a Wibbitz serves the same widget sounding purpose. It's not a real word just something we thought was catchy that gives off a tech related impression. The important part is that you are allowed to shop online with peace of mind.