Electric Riding Trolley Travel Suitcase.Luxurious Intelligent Carry on Robot Luggage.Can be Riding suitcase,Smart travel trolley

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The robotic suitcase is a revolutionary new product that eliminates the burden of heavy luggage and makes traveling easier, more convenient, and less stressful. It's also great for those who have physical limitations or disabilities that make carrying heavy suitcases difficult.


Our patented technology allows you to open your suitcase from anywhere in the world with an app on your phone. You can even set it to automatically open at specific times while you're away so all you have to do is show up at the airport ready for travel!

This innovative design makes traveling easy by eliminating back pain associated with lugging around heavy bags. It will change how people think about travel forever as they no longer dread vacations due to their luggage being too cumbersome!

We want everyone to enjoy hassle-free travel without having to worry about their belongings getting lost or damaged during transit because our suitcases are built like tanks (but still lightweight) and come equipped with state-of-the-art tracking

Brand Name: SEABIRD
Main Material: PC
Gender: Unisex
Caster: Spinner
With Lock: Yes
Have Drawbars: Yes
Item Weight: 14.5kg
Item Width: 36.5cm
Item Length: 48.9cm
Model Number: SE3
Item Height: 58CM
Item Type: Luggage
Luggage Type: Rolling Luggage
Support Mobile operating system: IOS and Andriod
Battery Charging Time: 3 Hours
Battery Voltage: 36V
Battery can be detachable: yes
Battery Category Type: lithium Battery
Battery Capacity: 185 Wh or 74 Wh
Made by: ABS+PC+Aluminium alloy
Maximum Speed: 10km/h
Minimum Speed: 2km/h
Load-bearing: 90kg
Voltage: 110V-240V